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Flash Animation of Logo








Flash Navigation Menu

Navigation menus in Flash allow many possibilities for button animation.




Flash Page-Header

Headers can be customized to reflect your website's image.







Complex Navigation Menu

These animated menus are created in CSS (style sheets) or DHTML (dynamic HTML) and look something like this:


They can also involve roll-over images where the buttons will change their look depending on which page the user is on:

When the user is on the "costs" page, that button has a different appearance than the others in the menu.




Javascript Slideshow






Flash Slideshow with Previous/Next Navigation









Auto-Play Flash Slideshow with Navigation Controls

Same as above except slideshow plays automatically and user can control the movie playback with a control panel which would look something like this:








Text Information Ticker

An impressive single line news ticker with smooth scrolling motion. Supports any valid HTML within the scroll text, including images or links.












Flash Information Ticker
These tickers can be customized to fit the colors and layout of your website's design. They can also link to other pages on your site, email addresses or outside websites.








Live Feed Information

Some of the many possibilities include mortgage rates, news relevant to your site's content, weather reports and much more! They will be branded unless you sign up for a paid service with the feed provider.




If you've ever been on a site like CNN.com and clicked on the "send this article to a friend" - that is what this feature does for your own site. Your visitors can send their friends to your site, even to specific pages with the click of a button.


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